International Students

The Herder-Schule is a private school located in walking distance from the city centre of Wuppertal and close to the city’s parks and forests. The school was founded in 1872 and has successfully guided hundreds of pupils to the German Abitur.

We are a state recognized school from grade 5 to grade 13. The German Abitur is internationally recognized and allows students to apply for university in all European countries and most countries overseas such as the UK, USA and China.

Herder-School is  experienced with international students whose first language is not German. Our full time boarders live in the International Boarding House Herder, our small Internat.


Being an international student


Our international full time boarders get four supplementary classes in German as a foreign language. Additionally, the international students have a mentor who meets with them on a weekly basis to discuss matters such as their progress in school and any troubles the students might be facing. The students are provided with a monthly ticket for public transport, which allows them to travel for free in most of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Experience has shown that a bigger group of internationals tends to stick together. In order to ensure that our international students integrate themselves into their class and make friends with the german students, we do not allow more than two international students per class.



International Boarding House Herder


The boarding facility is a house a short bus ride away from school. The students are given weekly pocket money to buy the breakfast they prefer themselves. Lunch is served at school and dinner is provided at the International Boarding House Herder.